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PETA Vegan Food Award 2022

Award from PETA Germany

"best vegan fish burger": endori receives Vegan Food Award 2022

New on the market and already a star: the veggie burger di mare by endori has convinced the jury of the Vegan Food Awards 2022 by PETA Germany and won in the category "Best vegan fish burger". The vegan burger variation with crispy herb breading is based on peas and wheat and brings a breath of fresh air to (fish) cuisine. Harald Ullmann, co-founder and 2nd chairman of PETA Germany, says: "With the veggie burger di mare, endori shows that enjoyable, purely plant-based taste creations are possible. We hope that more and more companies in the food industry will follow the forward-looking examples and make their range vegan and sustainable. PETA congratulates endori on winning the Vegan Food Award 2022 in the category "Best Vegan Fish Burger". The Vegan Food Award honours the growing selection of innovative plant-based products in the food trade and is awarded for the fourth time this year.

endori veggie burger di mare with vegan food award

Friedrich Büse, founder of endori, is thrilled about the award: "Our endori veggie di mare fish alternatives based on peas are not only delicious and remarkably similar in taste to real fish - they also enable everyone to minimise a growing problem of global nutrition. Overfishing of the oceans and the associated ecological consequences can no longer be ignored. Plant-based fish alternatives are part of the solution. We are very pleased to receive this year's Vegan Food Award for an item from our youngest product category."

The vegan fish alternatives were only introduced in January 2022, including the veggie burger di mare. The vegetable and soy-free burger is not only rich in protein, it is also a convincing source of omega-3. The separable packaging is also sustainable: the corrugated cardboard is made of 100 per cent recycled paper, which means endori makes an important contribution to environmental protection. By the way, the veggie burger di mare tastes best as a burger variation in an airy bun, as a patty on a plate with a fresh vegetable garnish, or as a highlight with a maritime salad. In addition, endori offers plant-based meat alternatives such as burger patties, sausages or pea-based mince.

about endori

endori was established in April 2015 in Bamberg by the Büse and Wedel families, with their love of good food and their hunger for a better future for animals, people and the environment. It now employs around 180 people working across two sites, making delicious plant-based food as an alternative to products of animal origin.

The company currently produces plant-based meat substitutes such as burgers, sausages, mince, kebabs and a great deal more, which can be used in virtually any dish as a foolproof alternative to meat. In terms of the raw ingredients, the focus is on high-protein plants such as peas grown in traditional multiple-field crop rotation. The company deliberately chooses not to use soya, palm oil or artificial flavouring. In contrast to many of its competitors, endori also has no meat-processing firms in its entire supply chain – all the way from field to fork.

endori vegetarian and vegan products are available to buy in German retail outlets and on its own online store. They are also already being sourced by well-known food industry players and are turning up in the food service industry, hotels, hospitals, schools, staff canteens and many other professional food-related contexts. For food retailing, direct distribution is carried out by Reichhold Feinkost GmbH (Feinkost Dittmann). www.endori.de

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