endori veggie burger

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endori veggie burger

Juicy, savoury and grilled to perfection – enjoy bite after bite of the perfect burger! And it's completely vegan! Whip up delicious burgers in no time with our endori veggie burger, packed full of plant protein.


Water, 13 % pea protein isolate, diced onions, rapeseed oil, beetroot, 5 % textured pea protein (pea protein, pea flour), WHEAT protein, WHEAT fibre, tomato paste, spices, malt extract (water, gluten-free roasted BARLEY malt, hops, yeast, gluten-free whole grain OAT flour, cider vinegar, pea fibre, potato starch, psyllium husks, salt, dextrose, thickener: methylcellulose; natural flavourings, smoked maltodextrine (maltodextrine, smoke), smoked salt (salt, smoke)


Coat the veggie burger with some vegetable oil and gently grill on a medium heat for approx. 3 minutes from each side. Turn product occasionally during cooking.


so tasty. so easy. so veggie.

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