endori veggie balls with tomato sauce

endori veggie BVB balls

Perfect match on your plate

endori veggie balls bvb

First in Dortmund, now on everyone's lips: Our endori veggie BVB balls are prepared in no time on the grill or in the pan and make every bite a hit. With pasta and tomato sauce, as a salad topping or as a barbecue skewer with meatballs and vegetables, they are the perfect snack for all Borussia Dortmund fans and veggie gourmets.

Vegetable skewers with endori veggie balls


Water, pea protein isolate, rapeseed oil, diced onions, textured pea protein (pea protein, pea flour), brandy vinegar, coconut fat, thickener: methylcellulose; tomato paste, malt extract (water, gluten-free roasted BARLEY malt, hops, yeast), cider vinegar, gluten-free whole grain OAT flour, spices, potato starch, pea fibre, citrus fibre, salt, colouring fruit and vegetable concentrate (hibiscus, carrot, beetroot), yeast extract, natural flavourings, preservative: potassium sorbate.


Coat the product with oil. While turning repeatedly, grill or fry for about 4-5 minutes at medium heat until it is entirely cooked.


so tasty. so easy. so veggie.

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