tortillas with veggie hack

endori veggie hack

recipe method

  1. Halve and core the avocados and scoop out the fruit pulp. Mix the avocado pulp with lime juice, salt and pepper and then mash into a slightly lumpy cream using a fork.

  2. Finely dice the cucumber and tomatoes and season with some apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, chilli and chopped coriander for a spicy kick.

  3. Wash the salad. Fry the endori veggie minced in a pan until crispy and season with salt and pepper.

  4. To finish, warm the wraps in a pan and then spread on the hummus and avocado cream. Then, place the fried endori veggie minced, marinated vegetables and salad on top and roll up the wrap. TIP: You can also use other vegetables, e.g. peppers, for the marinated vegetables!

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