let´s make the world a bite better

balance with taste

A matter of taste

balance with taste

When the world is out of balance, we can all do a little every day to restore it. That’s also why we – Friedrich Büse and Jens Wedel – founded endori. To bring the world back into balance, you’ve got to enjoy doing it. The way we eat is a significant factor for change. We give our customers the opportunity to find the balance between individual taste and social well-being. We do this by offering tasty food products that substitute animal proteins with plant proteins. Everyone can make the change and it can taste great doing it: balance with taste.

Attitude and expertise

start-up with 150 years of experience

endori food GmbH & Co. KG was founded in April 2015 in Stegaurach, Bamberg. After years of preparation and an extensive search for suitable raw materials and technologies long before the company was founded, the first vegetarian high-protein products were manufactured in late 2016. In March 2019, Pfeifer & Langen Industrie- und Handels-KG invested in endori. Pfeifer & Langen IHKG is a proprietary company of leading enterprises within the food industry. The portfolio is characterised by well-known brands, trademarks and a strong position within industrial customer business. The origins of today’s group goes back to the year 1870.

Collective attitude

from field to fork

Our guiding principle is: "from field to fork". This is the operational principle of a fully integrated value-added chain, beginning with the careful selection of seeds to cultivation, harvest, manufacture, logistics, packaging and sales. All links in this chain are committed to acting sustainably. We believe that the time is now. More and more people are deciding to go ‘flexitarian’ as they want to eat less meat. At endori, we are finding new ways to make sure people on a plant-based diet get everything they need without sacrificing anything in terms of health or enjoyment, all while helping to preserve the environment, nature and animals.

Internationally positioned

strong partners, strong company

endori has strong partners throughout agriculture and science, and is itself a company within Pfeifer & Langen Industrie- und Handels-KG. Together with the Emsland Group, we produce our peas on fields belonging to farmers, almost all of whom we know. As a company of the international Pfeifer & Langen IHKG, we are able to benefit from 150 years of experience in the manufacturing of food products.

Seals of approval

quality seals and certificates

European Vegetarian Union seal

The V-label is an internationally recognised and trademarked symbol for labelling vegetarian and vegan products.

EcoVadis is the world's most trusted provider of sustainability ratings and smart, collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains.

IFS Food seal

The IFS was founded in 2003 by food retail representatives to ensure uniform inspection of the food safety and quality standards of producers.