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For endless creative dishes

our endori veggie products made from peas

Many see the pea as just a small and unassuming legume, but we see endless, delicious possibilities! And although the pea itself probably won't thank us for its new popularity, we just can't resist. Because all of our various products that can be prepared based on them are just too good to keep just for ourselves. Here really every princess will find her pea!

because sustainability is close to our hearts

Our large range of endori veggie products makes it really easy to eat more consciously. Full of plant proteins from peas, our tasty bites are good for both you and the environment. endori veggie products are manufactured using regionally sourced, environmentally friendly ingredients. Our products are vegetarian or vegan and the entire manufacturing process does not include any companies whose value-added chains involve the processing of meat. No soya, palm oil or artificial flavours are used in endori products and almost all products are lactose-free.

endori super pea
Founder Friedrich Büse

what makes our products so valuable

„The basis for our products is made from plants such as our peas grown using a traditional multi-field crop rotation system instead of monocultures. We are part of an integrated value-added chain. Our products have an outstanding ecologically conscious footprint. They are not transported to our customers by air or ship. They are free from soya, palm oil, artificial flavours and chemical additives. Our physical manufacturing process ensures the superior firm fibrosity of our products. endori and the companies that work with us do not include meat in their product portfolios. We are the first to guarantee this."

Friedrich Büse endori
Seals of approval

quality seals and certificates

European Vegetarian Union seal

The V-label is an internationally recognised and trademarked symbol for labelling vegetarian and vegan products.

EcoVadis is the world's most trusted provider of sustainability ratings and smart, collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains.

IFS Food seal

The IFS was founded in 2003 by food retail representatives to ensure uniform inspection of the food safety and quality standards of producers.