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no hook for the seas - with fish from plants

endori now offers vegan fish alternatives: "veggie burger di mare" and "veggie sticks di mare"

The manufacturer of plant-based meat alternatives endori is expanding its range with new vegan fish. Two freshly caught products will be available from December 2021: "veggie burger di mare" and "veggie sticks di mare" based on peas and wheat. These fish alternatives taste good to everyone who wants to enjoy delicious and climate-friendly food - and to the oceans anyway.

endori pea with endori veggie sticks di mare and veggie burger di mare

More and more people are giving up animal-based foods in part or in full and are consciously turning to alternative products. The proportion of vegetarians and vegans in Germany is rising, as shown by the current BMEL Nutrition Report 2021, and with it the demand for plant-based foods. The reasons for buying alternative products are manifold: curiosity, animal welfare and environmental protection, but also health aspects. With the expansion of its range to include fish alternatives, endori is serving this growing demand and meeting consumer needs.

The new range from endori includes two popular plant-based fish classics: the "veggie burger di mare" has a crispy herb breading and tastes great as a burger variant in a bun, as a patty with a vegetable garnish or as a highlight with a maritime salad. Each pack contains 200 grams and is available at an RRP of 2.99 euros.

endori veggie burger di mare

"veggie sticks di mare" is a real finger food classic and goes perfectly together with dips such as remoulade, tzatziki or herb sauce. With side dishes such as mashed potatoes, spinach leaves or cucumber salad, a classic fish menu is quickly created. 180-gram pack costs 2.99 euros (RRP). Both new products are breaded, deep-fried, and can be easily prepared in the oven, pan, deep fryer or hot air fryer.

endori veggie sticks di mare

Advantages at a glance:

  • Omega-3 source
  • rich in protein
  • crispy breading
  • juicy to the bite
  • light fishy note and fibrous, fish-like texture

enjoy climate friendly

The new fish alternatives are not only good for people and the sea, but also for the environment. All endori products are produced based on peas from traditional multi-field farming in Europe and without the use of soy and palm oil. Thanks to the separable packaging, less plastic waste is produced, and the corrugated cardboard is made of 100 percent recycled paper.

In the refrigerated section, the playful maritime packaging design of the "veggie burger di mare" and "veggie sticks di mare" ensures greater visibility. The endori pea wears a captain's hat and is thus a real eye-catcher. The launch of the two new products in shops will be accompanied by an attention-grabbing communication campaign consisting of social media, events and tastings as well as influencer cooperations.

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about endori

endori (originally amidori) was established in April 2015 in Bamberg by the Büse and Wedel families, with their love of good food and their hunger for a better future for animals, people and the environment. It now employs around 180 people working across two sites, making delicious plant-based food as an alternative to products of animal origin.

The company currently produces plant-based meat substitutes such as burgers, sausages, mince, kebabs and a great deal more, which can be used in virtually any dish as a foolproof alternative to meat. In terms of the raw ingredients, the focus is on high-protein plants such as peas grown in traditional multiple-field crop rotation. The company deliberately chooses not to use soya, palm oil or artificial flavouring. In contrast to many of its competitors, endori also has no meat-processing firms in its entire supply chain – all the way from field to fork.

endori vegetarian and vegan products are available to buy in German retail outlets and on its own online store. They are also already being sourced by well-known food industry players and are turning up in the food service industry, hotels, hospitals, schools, staff canteens and many other professional food-related contexts. For food retailing, direct distribution is carried out by Reichhold Feinkost GmbH (Feinkost Dittmann).

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